Guide for Norton.com/setup download, installation and activation

The internet prone world increases the need of an antivirus that can not only protect your data but also ensure safe browsing as well as safe transactions over the internet. To serve this purpose, Norton antivirus solutions have come to the rescue. It offers a number of security plans to meet the needs of both desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phone users.

You can choose a Norton Setup plan depending upon your specific requirements (Windows or macOS). A number of security solutions by Norton include Norton Security Premium, Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Standard, Norton Core Security Router, Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, Norton Antivirus Basics and Norton Small Business. With a Norton antivirus on your computer system, you can be sure of the following:

  • Complete protection against virus
  • Safe internet browsing
  • Safe download of the email attachments
  • Automatic scanning of your computer system to detect and fix the viruses
  • Protection from malicious activities
  • Safe online transactions
  • Security of the information you transfer via internet and more

For downloading, installing and activating any of the Norton security plan, the steps are more or less similar. There is only one thing you need to take care of, which is making sure that your system specifications satisfy the requirements of the Norton security. In order to avoid any kind of software conflicts, make sure that there is no other software already installed and running on your computer system.

While purchasing a Norton Setup online or offline, a key called as Norton product key is an important thing you have to take care of. This key will be required at the time of activation as well as for logging in your Norton account at Norton.com/setup. Here are the steps for the rest of the processes:

  1. Login to your existing Norton account via Norton.com/setup or create a new account
  2. In the Norton setup window, download the Norton security you have purchased
  3. Enter the product key, if asked
  4. Read the terms and conditions and click agree
  5. Now, click download to download the Norton setup
  6. Installation steps could be different according to the browser you are using
  • Firefox or Safari- Go to download tab, find your file from the list and then double-click on the downloaded setup
  • Google Chrome- Double-click on the downloaded setup
  • IE or Microsoft Edge Browser- Hit run on the downloaded file
  1. Click next and complete the installation
  2. Open the installed Norton product
  3. Click Help in the main window
  4. Enter the product key that you have received on your email ID or available on the back of retail card
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and then click activate

If you find an error in performing aforementioned processes, then contact our toll-free number 1-844-777-7886 and get it fixed by a certified technician.

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How to Cancel Norton Antivirus?

No matter, when you buy the first plan on Noton Antivirus you must give you have to use your Debit or credit card. With the help of this card, you can easily make any purchase. But the problem arises when you are unaware of the Automatic Renewal schemes. The Norton will instantly deduct the updates charge immediately from your card balance. If you do not disable them, then you will face the same consequences again. Follow the tutorials to cancel the Norton Antivirus from your windows PC.

Steps To Cancel Norton Antivirus

  • First, you should Sign into your Norton Account
  • Now in the dashboard, you will find the Automatic Renewal heading
  • Simply move the slider to Turn Off.
  • Finally, confirm your choice to turn off the Automatic Renewals.

Notes: It is always better to prevent something which is going to be wrong in early future. So here with the help of above tutorials, you will able to cancel Norton Antivirus before you have been charged.

Steps For Getting Refund On Your Norton Cancellation

To get a refund, you get 60 days of duration. So if you are charged with the automatic renewal system, here with help of this steps below, you can easily get refunded on your credit or debit card. When you made the purchase using your Debit or credit card for the first time, and because of autorenewal, if your money has been taken away then you can get them back. But you must make sure, you claimed for a refund within the 60 days of durations.

As per Norton norms, the only process for getting the refund is using the Call Norton Support. The best time for calls and instant response are guaranteed on the following days like- Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Once you can get contact with the Norton support teams, you must have patience and wait for 3 minutes(approx.) to get a response. There is also a complaint text box, where you write and submit your information to get faster help.


Hope, you have successfully cancel the Norton Antivirus and claimed for your Refund. Soon you will get the response to get the refund immediately.