Ways to Play Music on your Amazon Alexa – Norton.com/setup

Amazon Alexa comes with lots of utilities and convenience. You can also use your smart speaker to play your favorite music. Here, some easy ways are given below and you can use them to play music on your Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa

How to stream music through Alexa App

If you own an Amazon Prime account, then you’ll already have access to thousands of music. Either you’re using Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited, both services provides pretty much similar streaming service. Amazon Alexa also allows connecting and using other Music services, for example, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, and so on.


1.    Start the Amazon Alexa application.

If you don’t have one, then you can download it free from Apps Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android).

2.    After opening the app, touch on ‘Hamburger’ icon at the top-left side of the screen.

3.    Now, go to ‘Music, Video & Books’ section from the main menu.

4.    Select your ‘Alexa’ device to stream music from the device selection dropdown menu. The device selection menu is on the top of ‘Music, Video & Books’ screen.

5.    Under ‘Music’ section you’ll get a list of Music services (iHeartRADIO, Spotify), choose a service for you to stream music.

6.    Now, go through with the on-screen instructions according to the service you’ve selected to finish set up.

To stream music through iHeartRADIO

1.    Open ‘Music, Video & Books’ screen.

2.    Select ‘iHeartRADIO’ form ‘Music section’.

3.    Now, tap on the blue colour text ‘Link your account now’ to link your account.

4.    Now, return to ‘App’.

5.    Navigate to the type of ‘music, radio stations, or podcast that you want to play on your Echo device or request “Alexa” to play it.

How to stream music through your Phone Bluetooth

To connect direct:

Make sure your phone and your Alexa device with the range.

1.    Open your device ‘Bluetooth Settings’.

2.    Now, ask ‘Alexa pair’ to your Alexa device. Your Echo device enters into pairing mode.

3.    Wait & Check for your Alexa device name to show up on your Phone screen and select it from the list.

With ‘Alexa app’:

Before starting, open your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth.

1.    Open your ‘Alexa’ app.

2.    Open ‘Main Menu’.

3.    Go to ‘Settings’.

4.    Choose your ‘Alexa’ device from settings.

5.    Tap on ‘Bluetooth’ option from the settings.

6.    Tap on the blue ‘Pair a new Device’ button.

7.    Now, Wait & Check for your Alexa device name to show up on your Phone screen and tap on it to connect.

Once Alexa is connected with your phone via Bluetooth, you can play music on Alexa with your phone with any music app.

How to stream music through your PC

1.    Open your PC browser.

2.    Go to ‘Amazon Alexa’ page.

3.    Go to ‘sign in’ option and sign in with your Amazon account.

4.    Now, open ‘Settings’.

5.    Click on your ‘Alexa device name’.

6.    Select your ‘Bluetooth’ device.

7.    Click on the blue ‘Pair a New Device’ button.

8.    Now, go to your ‘Windows Settings’.

9.    Go to ‘Devices’.

10.    Go to ‘Bluetooth’ section.

11.    Click on ‘Add a Bluetooth’.

12.    And add your Alexa device with your PC. When Alexa is connected with your PC, you can play your music on Alexa with your PC by iTunes, Windows Media Player, or any other Music app.

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Top 5 Apps For Teenagers! – Norton.com/setup

In free time, teenagers like to spend their time with their gadgets. We are going to throw light upon some of the most amazing and helpful applications for teenagers that they can use easily. This blog even put light on some of the hobbies related applications for teenagers.

So go through this blog to know about some of the best apps for the teenagers and the app that they can share with their same age group friends.

Here some excellent applications for teens

1. Scholly

Scholly works for iOS, Android and on the web. It is a beautiful platform to know about a variety of scholarships. It was made by Christopher Gray, who was just a 21-year-old student.

2. Evernote

Evernote is among the most famous and useful application. Evernote offers options to save or accumulate plenty of essential things like assignments, files, pictures and audio. The best part of it is that it synchronises all of them in the system in such a way that user can get them wherever they want. The chances of losing any of the of the item are not possible because of it.

It is free of cost and is usable for Android and iOS, on the web, and for Windows and Mac devices.

3. Pandora

If the teenager likes music, then positively they are going to love this excellent radio facility over the net. Pandora offers user songs for free of cost and that too singers that have been selected by the user. Luckily, it is free of charge and available for smartphone users.

4. Sketchbook Pro

This application is present in tablets for doing sketching and painting work. Sketchbook Pro is a perfect application for people who like to do artistic work.  It comprises two types of versions. The first one is entirely free whereas the other one premium version. Both of them consists of lot many useful features, but the premium version has more than the simple one. Luckily, the user can manage their work in albums and have a backup of it as well.

5. Khan Academy Khan Academy is a remarkable application specially made for students. It is so because Khan Academy explains chapter that too free of cost. IPad users can use this application. It consists of more than 150000 tasks with one by one information and immediate feedback. Lot many students can take help from this application to do their homework.

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How to Recover Contact Information in Address Book in Outlook?

The Outlooks auto-complete feature will automatically generate the address of any recipient, whenever you try to send an email message. While after updating your Outlook with the latest version, sometimes you find that your contacts have been missing from the Outlook Address Book, and for this, you need to do one thing, just restore your address book in the Microsoft Outlook.

But before going with the instructions, we highly recommend you to follow the instructions in an exact sequence to avoid any damages and errors.

Steps to Restore Contact Information in Address Book in Outlook

These types of invalid behavior usually occur because Outlook requires you to complete all the steps before you contact information is available. Here are a few steps which can help you in fixing this error, they are as follows:

  • Install the Outlook Address Book Service
  • Mark the Contact Folder for Use with Address Book

Method-1: Re-Install Outlook Address Book

  1. Firstly, on the File tab, click on the Account Settings.
  2. In the ‘Account Settings’ dialogue box, on the ‘Address Books’ tab, click on the ‘New’ tab.
  3. Next, if your Outlook Address Book is listed, then click on the Close tab, after that instantly navigate to the ‘Mark your contact folder for use with your address book’ section.
  4. Or, if your Outlook Address Book is not listed, then click on the ‘New’ tab.
  5. Choose Additional Address Books, and click on the ‘Next’ tab.
  6. Now, under the Additional Address Books heading, a list of various listed options available. From the available list, choose ‘Outlook Address Book’ and press Enter key.
  7. Once completed, you will receive a message that says the address book that you added will not start until you click on the ‘Exit menu. Finally, click on the OK, Finish, and at last, click on the Close tab.
  8. Select the preferred address book and click on the Exit tab.
  9. Lastly, restart your Microsoft Outlook to use the address book which you recently added.

Method-2: Mark the Contact Folder for Use with Outlook Address Book

  1. Initially, choose the Contacts folder located in the side menu.
  2. Then, click on the ‘Folder tab’ in the ribbon.
  3. Now, click on the ‘Folder Properties’ tab in the ribbon.
  4. In the ‘Meeting Properties’ window, choose ‘Outlook Address Book’ tab.
  5. After that, tick marked the ‘Show this folder as an email address book’ box.
  6. Next, click to enter a Descriptive name, and then click on the OK tab.

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How to create back up for Photos or iPhoto Library

One of the most important data that you store on your computer is photos and video clips of your near and dear ones. What you don’t want is these items to get deleted or remove them unintentionally. It can be possible that your system files get corrupted and you may need to format your Mac, but by doing so means that you may lose all your data, and all your memories may leave you forever.

But you don’t need to worry about any such occurrence if you have a backup file for your pictures. What you need to keep in mind is to keep a backup of your essential data on a regular basis. If you have recently transferred your photos from iPhoto app, you may require keeping multiple backup files for the complete security of your photos as you don’t want to lose on those precious memories.

Using Time Machine Application

If you work on Apple’s Time Machine’s application, you may not need to worry as your data saved in Photos and the iPhotos application will be directly backed up while every regular Time Machine backup performed directly by it.

Although backing up your data by using Time Machine is quite a secure feature, but still, you may consider creating some additional backup for absolutely assuring the safety of your data. Your backed up data is not unsecure in Time Machine, but still, it has a default feature of removing very old data to create space for more files which makes your archived files quite vulnerable.

It just provides an anchor for you to ascertain your current system situation, as if your system malfunctions or you have to format it you can still resolve to the present condition of your system. However, it becomes a significant concern for the user if he desires to keep those files for an extended period.

Backing up photos manually

On your Mac, you can also backup your image library utilized by iPhoto or Photo on to a pen drive or an external drive, or you can also preferably use a backup app to execute it for you. You can refer to steps given below for creating a backup manually.

  1. Launch the “Pictures” folder from the sidebar.
  2. Spot the “Photos library or iPhoto library” in the pictures folder. Now copy the library and paste it on the external hard drive or your pen drive.
  3. Follow the same steps every time you upload new photos to your library and always remember to name them separately to distinguish them from your previous archived file.

You can ensure your photos and memories by making additional backup files by following these steps and getting rid of any potential risk of losing them.

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Cyber Security Tips For Seniors! – Norton.com/setup

Encouraging seniors to practice cyber safety can go a long way towards protecting their identity and sensitive personal information. Generally, Senior Care Professionals play a significant role in making their clients aware of their potential vulnerability.

Mark Matz, Director of Policy and Issues Management with the National Cyber Security Directorate at Public Safety Canada said that ‘Protecting older adults online is all about planning’. Though seniors might never encounter a security breach online, it’s crucial to take the suitable steps to ensure that they avoid becoming an easy target.

Consider the tips which are mentioned below from Public Safety Canada, the National Cyber Security Alliance, The Stop Think and Connect campaign’s online safety tips for older adults and the Home Instead Senior Care network. And start making aware your clients by advising that they take the ‘Can you spot the scam?’ Quiz.

  1. Password protect devices
  • According to one research conducted by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care network- Mostly, half of the seniors do not use password feature on at least one of their Internet-enabled device which is leaving it open to whoever may pick it up. Set all of their devices including tablet, telephone and computer with the password will keep prying eyes out and will hold information entirely safe in case these devices are stolen and lost.
  • Motivate senior to make password strong and easy to remember or else to write them and then keep them in a safe, secure place far away from their computer.
  • Note that a strong password is a sentence that consists of at least 8-12 characters long so suggest a mix of letters, numbers and symbols and no personal information.
  1. Think twice before acting-
  • Mostly older adults panic when they face with an urgent request. Remind older adults again and again that they should not panic and that they should think twice before they act and also to get a second opinion whenever in doubt.
  • For instance, encourage them to avoid emails and other ways of communication that make sense of urgencies such as a problem with their bank account or taxes. Generally, this type of message is likely a scam.
  • Remember that clicking on links in emails is often the way scammers get access to personal information. Even if mail looks unusual, it’s better to delete it.
  1. Share but with care-
  • Suggest older adults share with care on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp etc.
  • Repeatedly remind seniors to adjust their privacy settings to put a limit on those who can view their information and also stop sharing their location.

Hope, this blog would have been helpful for you.

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Best way to Fix Your Magic Mouse Disconnect Problems

Magic Mouse and the Magic Mouse 2 are one of the Mac components in which users are facing regular problems. Users of Magic Mouse are going through various issues like irregular Bluetooth connection, short battery life and abnormal functioning while some Magic Mouse 2 users are unable to charge the mouse while using it.

 Magic Mouse is an older variant of mouse and runs through removable batteries. However, Magic Mouse 2 runs on non-removable ion-lithium batteries. Although, if you keep both the Mouse together it is hard to distinguish between them, the main difference is visible only when you flip the mouse upside down and check the battery slot.  As Magic Mouse has a removable battery slot to change the batteries when dead.

How to solve Bluetooth Disconnecting on Magic Mouse

Sometimes while using the mouse you may bump your mouse unintentionally into your keyboard, and suddenly it stops to function, or you face a Bluetooth connectivity issue. Well, the primary reason behind it could be a lose battery connection.

According to many of the Mac users, the battery slot of Magic Mouse is flawed as the slot is not compact enough to hold the batteries in the same place. Due to this technical flaw, a small bump or a drop of the mouse causes cut in power supply, and due to no power the Bluetooth connection is lost. What you can do is shake it a little to place the batteries back in position, but it is still not a permanent solution.

To resolve this issue permanently follow this easy method to fix you Magic Mouse. This won’t work on Magic Mouse 2 as it has no removable battery slot.

  1. Remove the back cover of the Magic Mouse and take out the batteries from it.
  2. Take a piece of aluminum foil of about a half-inch in size.
  3. Now, on the negative terminal of your Magic Mouse, wrap the foil.
  4. And finally place the AA batteries back in the Magic Mouse.

As the Aluminum foil is a good conductor of electrical charge, it will fill the extra gap present between the batteries and the slot, which will stop the batteries from getting lose on experiencing any jerk or shake.

The Recharging issue of Magic Mouse2

Magic Mouse 2 is the latest variant of Magic Mouse. As compared to its predecessor, Magic Mouse 2 has a rechargeable Li-ion battery which helps the user to get rid of stocking AA batteries for using the Mouse.

But as the user of Magic Mouse 2 does not require AA batteries to use their Mouse, they still have to use a charging cable to keep their mouse running. The main issue lies here is that the charging slot is placed on the back side of the mouse which prevents the user from using the mouse while charging it.

Still, if you are not in an urgent situation and are comfortable in taking a two-minute break, you can quickly get rid of this issue. Magic Mouse 2 can collect enough power in 60 seconds to run the mouse for one hour, and if you have enough time to spare two minutes to charge it, then the Magic Mouse 2 can run for nine hours. Apple claims that Magic Mouse 2 can run for one month if it has a fully charged battery. So if you spare an hour to charge the battery to full, you may not require charging it for a month.

Carl Smith is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.