Tips On Schedule a Backup in Norton Online Backup?

Although the backup process runs automatically after a particular period of time but sometimes the users need to schedule a backup in Norton Online Backup product. Thus, the stepwise procedure to schedule a backup in Norton Online Backup has been detailed in this article.

Steps to schedule a backup in Norton Online Backup:

The users could easily schedule a backup in their purchased subscription of Norton Online Backup, by following the stepwise procedures mentioned below:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Norton Online Backup using the web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that have been installed to the users’ device.
  • And then, login to the Norton Online Backup by using the email address and password of the Norton My Account.
  • After this, tap the “Settings” icon on the main page of the Norton Online Backup account.
  • Now, go to the “Run Schedule” section.
  • And then, select the “Scheduled” option appeared next to the “When” tab.
  • By default, the data backup process has been scheduled to automatically in the Norton Online Backup.
  • To change this automatic schedule, select one of the schedule times like daily, weekly or monthly from the drop down menu displayed next to “When” tab.

(Important Note: Call the

toll-free number, if no such scheduling drop downs are visible on the users Norton Online Backup account.)

After this, the users may also set the date & day of initial the backup process. To do so, set the “Day” and “Date” from the drop down menu next to “When” tab.
At last, click the “Save” button, to apply all the changes made to the Norton Account of Online Backup.
And then, click the ‘X’ button to close the window.
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